EK_Photo-12“Jim and I are sending a great big, whopping THANK YOU for the great work you and your crew did in remodeling our new house. We love it! The new open spaces without walls or ceiling supports are fabulous and great for entertaining. Our new front hall and new closets are just what we needed. The grandkids go straight to their closet when they come over. The last kitchen you made me 15 years ago in our old house was so well done, that the realtor for the new owners marveled that it looked new. However the kitchen you made for us in this house is really my dream kitchen. You turned 10 cabinets into 30 – all of them handsome and custom stained. We have gotten hundreds of compliments on them. You guys did all of this while we were living in our new house. We did not spend one night in a hotel! This feat required great organization and planning on your part, but somehow you did it. Thank you so much! If we ever buy another house you can be sure you will be involved.” - Fay Miller

“Emil, Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to my project. As you know, during the building process of my 16 unit condo-complex I have endured more than a fair share of problems. From the moment your turn came to deal with all the build-in cabinets for all the units, I thought you delivered a lot more than you were expected. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciated your support and helpfulness in the other areas of construction. Without exception, all of the new owners of these condos loved the kitchens, bathrooms and closets you put in. I am looking forward working with you on my next project.” – Roy Norris

“I met Emil Major from European Kitchen after the northridge earthquake and was delighted on the way he fixed my house up top to bottom.   I received a beautiful maple wood kitchen with cabinets with sliding draws and more than I even knew existed…  Emil is a very gentle man that came over and we talked over what the house needed and what I wanted to do , including new bathrooms, tile, toilets, bathtubs, shower pans, cracks, painting in and outside of my home.The details were amazing including all new knobs and  details I wanted were happily given to me. His crown moulding from  the top of my walls and bottom were beautiful details that I never dreamed of. I got new front door and back door, new French window sliding back doors and ended up with beautiful new home…   10 years later my house needed to be painted  and updated and I wanted a modern kitchen with white cabinets and granite counters.   I got a new beautiful marble fireplace  with mantle, mine was the old  red brick one and I  found one in a model house that I loved  took pictures and Emil made it happen with beautiful  marble tiles that I picked. He made me  a beautiful white wood slat patio overhang outside, What ever I wanted, I took pictures of the new model homes or pictures in magazines and my 49 year old house was brand new beyond my wildest dream…  This January 2014 I decided my house needed some work.  I called Emil and he came over and we talked and planed what I wanted changed this year. I wanted whole house painted, inside and out, patio overhang sanded and repainted,water damaged crown molding changed,  new back door.  They  are very detailed oriented, took off all Cabinet  doors to sand and paint put new hinges and  painted everything perfect.  Took off door nobs and painted all interior doors in my house. Sanded my front door and lacquered, painted garage wall white to hang paintings on.  Fixed all cracks in walls and ceilings and sealed some foundation cracks. Cemented brick walls that had moved apart, new doorbells, address plates, mailbox, light fixtures in and out of home and any detail I wanted.  He does everything. The painters he brought worked for him and they  were kind and neat and worked from 8 to 5pm  everyday until the job was done.  Emil always came around to work and ask me if I was happy. I am grateful that I was lucky  to have found Emil Major  20 years ago to  help me upkeep my home.  He is a rare, fine, honest talented contractor.” - Eileen from Northridge, California